Did the OBSTRUCTIONS lead you into new theatrical territory? What did you find there?

a staple in all wardrobes

tender moments, walmart and darn good music

  Celebrating the circle of life and love, and the inexorability of both to prevail in what may seem like an unlikely setting a�� the community of a big-box store. Save More took advantage, with great success, of Theatre Conspiracya��s musical connections including Belinda Brucea��s musical direction and the talents of Steve Charles, Ed Goodine […]

Reflections After Being Obstructed: Felix Culpa

Felix Culpa was the second theatre company to approach the challenge of Obstructions. They were tasked with the following obstructions: a�?The subject matter must be autobiographical. A limit of 100 words may be used. The piece must be site-specific but cannot take place in the home of either Artistic Director Felix Culpa took a controversial […]

Reflections After Being Obstructed: Boca Del Lupo

Reflections After Being Obstructed: Boca Del Lupo

Boca Del Lupo were the first company to respond to the challenge of the Obstructions series with a piece they titled, The Perfect Artist. Their obstructions were: The piece must be done in an empty space (bodies allowed) without props or electricity. The inspiration for the piece must be drawn from a page selected randomly […]


Rehashing Radix: a Reflection on Saturday’s Obstructions

  OBSTRUCTIONS is structured as a continuously evolving entity. As each one is changing slightly here is a basic rundown of what happened at Radixa��s Obstructions last Saturday night: On the ticket, it said to dress in peasant style clothes, to bring a carrot, and a donation for the food bank. The parking lot was […]