On June 30, 2012 Felix Culpa took on their Obstructions with a site-specific show using marriage as a metaphor for artistic collaboration. Featuring Felix Culpaa��s co-artistic directors David Bloom and Linda Quibel, the piece explored relationships, the nature of subjectivity and the limits of language.

The Obstructions

  1. a�?The subject matter must be autobiographical.
  2. A limit of 100 words may be used.
  3. The piece must be site-specific but cannot take place in the home of either Artistic Director.

OBSTRUCTIONS Felix Culpaa�? A Progress Lab Initiative

  • Saturday June 30, 2012
  • 7:30 pm – doors open
  • 8:00 pm – Felix Culpa event
  • Immediately after the show – Felix Culpa was judged and Pi Theatrea��s Richard Wolfe was in the hot seat to receive his obstructions and an UnObstructed social evening followed!
  • At the Ukrainian Cultural Centre, 805 E Pender St., Vancouver, BC.

a�?About Felix Culpaa�?
Lead by David Bloom and Linda Quibell, Felix Culpa produces original works and provocative plays from the world repertoire. Their focus is on the power of language and its unique ability to explore complex subjects such as morality, beauty and the subjective nature of truth. Felix Culpa aims to transform, transport, enlighten and delight.