Progress Laba��s OBSTRUCTIONS initiative was launched on May 26, 2012 at PL 1422 featuring Boca del Lupo. Bocaa��s peer-given obstructions (handed out in October 2011) pushed the company into new territory. Known for their tech-savvy spectacles, Boca del Lupo stepped inside the box to create something unlike anything they’ve created before.

Replete with a stunning newspaper costume torn from the business section of the paper and satirically revisiting JA?rgen Letha��s classic short film The Perfect Human, Bocaa��s piece stunned audiences with its fiery ending. This was a great launch to the OBSTRUCTIONS series

The Boca del Lupo Obstructions

  1. The piece must be done in an empty space (bodies allowed) without props or electricity.
  2. The inspiration for the piece must be drawn from a page selected randomly from the business press on the day before their performance.
  3. The piece must use a satiric style.

OBSTRUCTIONS a�?Boca del Lupo a�?A Progress Lab Initiative

  • May 26th, 2012
  • 7:00 pm – check-in, mingling and pre-show activities
  • 8:00 pm – Boca del Lupo show
  • Immediately after the show Boca was judged, Leaky Heavena��s Stephen Hill was put in the hot seat to receive his Obstructions and an after party ran well into the night.
  • At PL1422, 1422 William Street, Vancouver, BC.

About Boca del Lupo
Lead by Jay Dodge and Sherry J Yoon, Boca works with a broad spectrum of artists and organizations when creating their productions. As one of Vancouver’s most innovative and dynamic theatre companies, Boca del Lupo specializes in experimental theatrical productions and spectacular outdoor presentations while focussing on collaborations with international, national, and regional artists.

LEAKY HEAVEN:A� I am all my sons

May 11, 2013 at 9 PM.A� Doors (and bar) open at 8:30 PM.

Tickets on sale April 22

LOCATION: Russian Hall, 600 Campbell Avenue, Vancouver map link

Leaky Heaven received these Obstructions.

1) Steven Hill must perform either solo or as a featured performer. If other actors are incorporated they must have recently worked for Bard on the Beach – but NOT Lois Anderson.

2) All text must be excerpted from Arthur Miller’s All My Sons. No rewrites.

3) The piece cannot comment upon or use any known genre in any way. No play on tragedy or circus or greek comedy or French farce etc. It must be genre free and therefore a genre of its own.

Steven Hill, Artistic Director, magnified the emotional essence of Arthur Miller’s classic play in a tour de force solo performance.

Leaky Heaven is an interdisciplinary theatre company creating work that questions conventions of social relations, performance modalities, and event structures. We create hybridized work that examines and plays with the act of viewing, often through experiments with the locations and perspective of the audience.

Stupid Is As Stupid Doesa�? a short play about America
Written and Directed by Kendra Fanconi

Text Contributions and Sound Design by Eric Rhys Miller

Technical Direction by Colin Cooper

Featuring Ella Simon* and Stefano Giulianetti*
The Only Animal will be responding to three challenges from our peers on June 2 at PL1422 in Vancouver.A� Come out and see what we’ve come up with in this short experimental workshop production. A�These are our three obstructions:
11) You must do a scene using an excerpt of the Forest (sic) Gump screenplay that will be provided for you this afternoon. You may use no more and no fewer words than are in the excerpt.

2)The production can only work with whatever Kendra Franconi (sic), Eric Miller and Colin Cooper can physically carry into the space in one trip.

3) The performance must take place on a set that’s revealed to the creative team on the night of the performance–at the same time as the doors to the theatre are opened for the public, 40 minutes before the performance begins. This will include sound equipment, lighting equipment and video equipment all of which (if used) Colin must operate.

Arggghhh!!A� Come see The Only Animal bare its teeth in Stupid Is As Stupid Does.
Please note that this play is not suitable for children.
*Appearing by permission of Canadian Actors Equity Association
The Only Animal‘s mission is to create, cultivate, and inspire original theatre work based on a deep engagement with place.A� A�The elemental identity of our west coast home is often the inspiration for our site-specific works. We have worked in water, sand, snow and ice, and with trees.A�The imagination is the other primal site of our exploration, and we are just as rigorous in our mining of it. The potency of such sites opens our audiences to exploring the landscapes of our inner worlds. In this way, The Only Animal is all about being human.A�The work ranges from intimate shows for an audience of one to large-scale spectacles.

Theatre Replacement

AA� Certain Kind of DarknessA�A� Saturday, October 19A� 8 PM at PL1422, 1422 Williams Street, Vancouver

In assemblage of texts and inspirations from multiple sources, Theatre Replacement’s artistic directors enter the House of Atreus and create a graphic portrait of the killing of Agememnon by Clytemnestra.A� Created and performed by Maiko Bae Yamamoto and James Long.A� Lighting by Jonathan Ryder.

For audiences 16+ with violence

Here are Theatre Replacement‘s Obstructions:

1. You must present the classic scene of Clytemnestra (Maiko) murdering Agamemnon (James) while he sits in his bathtub. In the original text this is a stage direction that happens off stage. We want to see it on stage,A�with graphic violence, passionate dialogue and without using comedy or irony. Sixty percent of the audience must be weeping by the end of the piece, or at least get misty.

2. You must pay strict adherence to the fourth wall. There can be no narration or direct address.

3. James and Maiko are the only performers allowed to appear in the presentation and they must each must embody the essence of the other in their performance.