May 26, 2012

PL1422,(1422 William Street)

7pm – check-in, mingling and pre-show activities

8pm – Boca del Lupo show

Immediately after the show – judging, new obstruction, and party into the night

Tickets $15, here.

VANCOUVER, BC – Following three sold-out iterations of the Hive party series, Vancouver’s

Progress Lab network of indie theatre-makers comes together to test the theory that creativity

feeds on limits.

Inspired in part by the film The Five Obstructions by Jørgen Leth and Lars Von Trier, the core

artists of each participating company submits, a few at a time and under a cold spotlight, to a list

of obstructions delivered by a shadowy emcee. The companies are then commanded to create

their next production around those limitations. The obstructions for each company have

been developed in secret by their peers – a custom-designed set of obstacles that will prompt each

artist to adapt to a new approach to making theatre.

Boca del Lupo is the first company to step up and create a piece with their peer-given

obstructions (handed out in October 2011). Known for their tech-savvy spectacles, Boca del Lupo

steps inside the box to make something unlike anything they have before.

Their obstructions:

1. The piece must be done in an empty space (bodies allowed) without props or electricity.

2. The inspiration for the piece must be drawn from a page selected randomly from the business

press on the day before their performance.

3. The piece must use a satiric style.

About Boca del Lupo

Lead by Jay Dodge and Sherry J Yoon, Boca works with a broad spectrum of artists and

organizations when creating their productions. As one of Vancouver’s most innovative and

dynamic theatre companies, Boca del Lupo specializes in experimental theatrical productions and

spectacular outdoor presentations while focusing on collaborations with international, national

and regional artists.

For more about Boca del Lupo, visit their website:

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