Radix Gets Radically Obstructed

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VANCOUVER, BC ­­– If the first two sold-out shows in the Obstructions theatre series are any indication, Radix Theatre’s turn in the spotlight on July 28 will be a hot ticket.


Inspired in part by the film The Five Obstructions, by Jørgen Leth and Lars Von Trier, Obstructions is a new project from the group of theatre companies known as Progress Lab, producers of the wildly popular and innovative HIVE series. Over the coming months, one company creates an evening’s entertainment based on some creative “obstructions” devised in secret meetings by the rest of the group.


Last month Felix Culpa gave us an artistic marriage ceremony in a controversial 100 words.  Radix takes up the challenge with these obstructions:


1. Andrew (Laurenson) must revisit and answer the central question of Beautiful Prblms

2. In the style of French farce

3. Using a set made of carrots


Will they pass or fail in working with these limitations?  You help decide!


Extra rad: at each Obstructions show the next theatre company on the list receives their obstructions, delivered under a spotlight by a shadowy emcee. Theatre Conspiracy is next in the hot seat.


Date: July 28, 2012

7:30 pm:  doors open

8:00 pm: Radix event

Immediately after the show: judging, new obstruction, and party into the night

Location: PL1422, 1422 William Street, Vancouver, map link

Tickets $16  ON SALE MONDAY July 9, 2012


Note for audience members

Please bring: one or more organic carrots, and a non-perishable donation to the food bank

Dress: Peasant/farm style


About Radix

Under the guidance of artistic director Andrew Laurenson, Radix creates interdisciplinary site-specific theatre characterized by dynamic physicality, seductive visual design and provocative content. The company has created a new production at least once every year since its inception in 1988, inspired by issues such as environmental degradation, sexual repression, car culture and terrorism.  Find out more about Radix here.

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