Reflections After Being Obstructed: Boca Del Lupo

Boca Del Lupo were the first company to respond to the challenge of the Obstructions series with a piece they titled, The Perfect Artist. Their obstructions were:

  1. The piece must be done in an empty space (bodies allowed) without props or electricity.
  2. The inspiration for the piece must be drawn from a page selected randomly from the business press on the day before their performance.
  3. The piece must use a satiric style.

As a refresher and for those of us who didn’t see it,  Boca described The Perfect Artist as, “a self-conscious satire and parody of the iconic 1967 film The Perfect Human by Jørgen Leth. One component of a larger performance piece, The Perfect Artist features an interactive captured content installation that places each participant in the role of The Perfect Artist as they are directed to perform scenes from the film. In the same way that The Perfect Human asks the viewer to consider the elements that make us human and questions the civilized veneer of that humanity, The Perfect Artist reveals the artist in each one of us and chips away at the self important seriousness present in many forms.”

Boca’s Artistic Director Sherry Yoon graciously answered some of my questions on the process and reflections of Obstructions after completion.

Linnea: Did the Obstructions change your creative process, if so how?

Sherry: Yes. Very challenging as they were meant to be.  An obstruction is the antithesis of starting from inspiration so a very difficult place to create from.

Linnea: If you could do it again, would you change anything?

Sherry: It seems to me to be so much about the moment in time that one is creating in.  You have an opening/closing night, limited budget and resources, an audience of your peers and one chance to get it “right”.  It’s an achievement in itself.  So no I don’t think I would have or could changed a thing.

Linnea: What was something you learned about yourself or your company in the process of creating the piece.

Sherry: We might do more comedy/parody and/or satire.  It’s fun.

Linnea: What was the most challenging Obstruction and why?

Sherry: No electricity.  Very limiting.

Linnea: Do you feel as though you succeeded in integrating your Obstructions?

Sherry: Absolutely.

Linnea: Was passing considered a priority?

Sherry: Yes and no.  It’s important to feel the parameters of the obstructions in the creation of the work but “success” is relative, especially when you are first.  There is no sense of what a pass or fail might be.

Linnea: Do you feel as though the Obstructions accurately targeted your company’s creative style?

Sherry: Yes and no.  It’s hard to know when you are in it.  I imagine the question would be better answered by our peers.

Linnea: What was your favorite part of the process?

Sherry: Burning the suit.

Obstructions continue in September with Leaky Heaven and Theatre Conspiracy.

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