tender moments, walmart and darn good music

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Celebrating the circle of life and love, and the inexorability of both to prevail in what may seem like an unlikely setting – the community of a big-box store. Save More took advantage, with great success, of Theatre Conspiracy’s musical connections including Belinda Bruce’s musical direction and the talents of Steve Charles, Ed Goodine and Mike Kenney. With songs like No Christian and Fuckin Lucky, furniture trashing and even interpretive salami-sandwich mutilation, we were lead through the entwining stories of a recently fired-from-his-band-punk-rocker and walmart employee Ace (Jeremy Waller), and his regular customer Maria (Mary Black) who’s always on the lookout to purchase another Philips screwdriver for her late husband Jackson (Richard Newman).

With drinks in hand (some of us even daring to try the bright blue “Conspiracy Driver” beverage of the night) and alien stamps on our wrists, the studio filled up quickly with folks eager to find out how Tim and his team would respond to their three obstruction challenges. Luisa Jojic (who plays the hot Christian Walmart colleague, a role inspired by Tim’s first Walmart experience in Bellingham) discloses that the piece was put together in under a week and with such a heavy focus on musical numbers (there are 14 in all), there were some challenges working with lyrics before the music was available.

And how did they do? We took Mary’s word in ticking off the cast-member-over-the-age-of-60 obstruction.  Next was the creation of a romantic love story without irony. The progress lab panel and audience all agreed that this obstruction had been satisfied – and perhaps even doubled due to the two love narratives that were at times quite comical, but remained genuine. The final obstruction of subject matter, that the piece must celebrate Walmart without irony, lead to some debate, but was eventually accepted as a pass.

The shadowy spirit returned for the 5th occasion to deliver three new Obstructions. This time they were given to Electric Company who were represented in various audio/ video (Kevin and Kim via skype), on-chair (David in the flesh), and on-canvas (a painting of Jonathan) forms. Check out the Obstructions homepage over the next couple of days for the full details –  I will say this.. Extremely limited use of electricity including battery power is definitely in there.

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