Count down to Kidsa�� Show!

Richard Wolfe on Pi Theatrea��s performance for kids

Happy autumn Obstruction followers!

Ia��m excited to report that we are now one month away from the next edition of Obstructions. Devised and created by Richard Wolfe and Susan Bertoia, with Taylor Dianne Robinson and the team at Pi Theatre.

Obstructions -

Pi must make a show for an audience of young children with at least one child under 12 in the cast.

The piece must incorporate use of structured improvisation and audience participation.

It must be unsophisticated.


I asked Richard for his insights on the project to date.

Jo: I understand you were given your obstructions in late June/ early July. What stage are you at with the production currently?

Richard: We’re approaching this project under an additional obstruction of time. Because we’ll be making the piece, we want to be in the rehearsal room to do it and because of financial obstructions, we have a total of 6 days in the room. Our first day is in early November.

Jo: So far, which of the three obstructions has been the most challenging to work with and why?

Richard: The most challenging obstruction is “you must make a show for children”. Of course children could mean anyone under the age of 18, but we’reA�embracingA�the spirit of the obstruction and have set our sights on the 5-11 age-range, basically Kindergarten to grade 6.

Jo: Can you give me an insight as to why you might have received these obstructions?

Richard: Maybe folks want me to lighten up. This could be a good idea before I head into rehearsal for our production of Terminus,A�which opens at the end of February. That show lives quite strongly on the dark side (with a good deal of dark humour thrown in for good measure). I personally don’t have children, and since many of myA�colleagues nowA�have young families, giving me those obstructions probably provided people with a certain amount of amusement.

Jo: How important is “passing” your obstructions? What are you hoping to take away from this experience?

Richard: I’ll working with Susan and the team to honour the obstructions as our starting point. The idea of “not being sophisticated” is taunting me.

Jo: Is there anything you would like your prospective audience to know or bring to your performance on the 24th of November?

Richard: Bring children. It’s for them.

There will be two shows within the event time-slot of 2-5pm due to capacity restrictions. A 50/50 ratio of kids to adults is encouraged a�� No one gets in without a child in their group!

Other upcoming dates to take note of include

- Rumble Productions receive their three obstruction challenges a�� November 6th at the AGM-a-palooza

-Theatre Conspiracya��s Obstruction, tentatively titled Save More a�� December 1st at PL1422

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