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Theatre Replacement

AA� Certain Kind of DarknessA�A� Saturday, October 19A� 8 PM at PL1422, 1422 Williams Street, Vancouver

In assemblage of texts and inspirations from multiple sources, Theatre Replacement’s artistic directors enter the House of Atreus and create a graphic portrait of the killing of Agememnon by Clytemnestra.A� Created and performed by Maiko Bae Yamamoto and James Long.A� Lighting by Jonathan Ryder.

For audiences 16+ with violence

Here are Theatre Replacement‘s Obstructions:

1. You must present the classic scene of Clytemnestra (Maiko) murdering Agamemnon (James) while he sits in his bathtub. In the original text this is a stage direction that happens off stage. We want to see it on stage,A�with graphic violence, passionate dialogue and without using comedy or irony. Sixty percent of the audience must be weeping by the end of the piece, or at least get misty.

2. You must pay strict adherence to the fourth wall. There can be no narration or direct address.

3. James and Maiko are the only performers allowed to appear in the presentation and they must each must embody the essence of the other in their performance.

Neworld Theatre

ThisA� Butoh is Not PoliticalA�A� Friday, October 25A� 8 PM at PL1422

Created and performed by Marcus Youssef, Barbara Bourget, Jay Hirabayashi, and Dawn Petten

Designed by Parjad Sharif, and Produced and Stage Managed by Chelsea Haberlin

Here are Neworld Theatre‘s Obstructions:

1. Neworld must create a contemporary Butoh piece featuring its artistic leadership, that climaxes in aA�messyA�act of destruction.

2. No intelligible text, written, spoken or delivered by any other means, can be used.

3. The piece must contemplate beauty by concentrating on the perfection of form without any kind of worldly agenda or intrusion of utility or politics.

See Theatre Replacement receive their Obstructions:


Following three sold-out iterations of theA�HiveA�party series, Vancouver’s Progress Lab network of indie theatre-makers comes together to test the theory that creativity feeds on limits.

Inspired in part byA�The Five Obstructions by JA?rgen Leth and Lars Von Trier, the core artists of each participating company will submit, a few at a time and under a cold spotlight, to aA�list of obstructions delivered by a shadowy emcee. The companies will then be commanded to create their next productionA�around thoseA�limitations.A�The obstructions for each companyA�have beenA�developed in secret by their peers – a custom-designed set of obstacles that willA�prompt each artist toA�adapt to a newA�approach to making theatre. Their individual tendencies toward form, place, style, theme, design, period, story are exposed and obstructed, spilling theA�artist’s bag of tricks all over the stage and out of reach.

Listen to Maegan Thomas’ piece about PL and Obstructions on CiTR.


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